Meet Joe & Stormy

Your party is their passion!


Joe has a knack for transforming his wild ideas into reality! Known for his attention to detail and warm, welcoming personality, Joe is the visionary behind creating the Tequila Ranch esthetic. Single-handedly renovating a simple barn into a breathtaking event venue is no easy feat, but fueled by his love of building, taking on a good challenge & the idea of creating a special place where people come together to celebrate – he put in countless hours after work and on weekends to bring his vision to life.


Stormy gets. it. done. No matter the challenge before her, this gal will roll up her sleeves behind the scenes and happily help a bride or guest with any last minute details! From running admin & coordinating event details, to even whitewashing the rustic wood panels that became a big part of the Tequila Ranch design, this fun-loving, stiletto-wearin’ girly girl is hands-on in every aspect of this remarkable husband-and-wife run operation.

Joe & Stormy

Joe and Stormy have been married for 30 years and their partnership in business and life is truly a breath of fresh air. When they bought the ranch in 2021, they began with a blank canvas and their imaginations. After putting their heads and hearts together, they have created the #1 Wedding & Event Venue in Taylor, TX – Hosting weddings, corporate events and everything in between. So, what’s your vision for the perfect wedding or special event? No one will bring your dream-event to life quite like Joe & Stormy!